Sweet bite chili sauce 100ml

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Sweet Biting chili sauce

In December 2017, this sauce won the world's best chili sauce award in America at the World Hot Sauce Awards. It is a sweetly savory sauce that is widely popular. It is consumed for its pleasantly pungent taste "little, big, ladies, gentlemen". The sweet taste is dominant. In the background, garlic and onions are not intrusive. For gourmets, carefully picked chili pepper. Popular in Mexico, Central America and most Asian countries, you can not imagine eating a glass of hot or sweet-spicy chili sauce. It is well suited to Asian dishes. Thai sauce with lots of chili, meat for roast meats, poultry, pizza, sandwiches or fried potatoes.

As long as this chili sauce goes to your table, so in this form, it has gone through a lot of processes. We were planted, raised, collected, processed, cooked, pressed, flavored, using a technology that preserved the unique characteristics of pepper. It is based on secret unique recipes. That's the value of it.

Manufactured with hand made carefully selected chili peppers. During the cultivation and processing we put great emphasis on quality and food safety. It is important for us to provide our customers with the same permanent taste and quality from glass to glass. That's why we're working on an exact formula.

30-000 - 50,000 SHU *


cocktail paradise, chili, go, honey, onion, garlic, salt, preservative

It does not contain flavor enhancers, diluents, colorants.

Storage: dry in cool place, after opening in a refrigerator.
Shake before use!

* SHU: Scoville scale indicates the hip unit of the chili sauce given by the content of capsaicin.

Cherry tomato
Preservative Na-Benzoate
100 ml
5 out of 2
Chili sauce

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