Fireball chili sauce in gift box 100ml

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Fireball hot chili sauce in gift box

This sauce won the 2nd prize at the World Hot Sauce Awards in 2016 at the American Chili World Championship. In the same contest where a year ago Spirit of Attila chili sauce became world champion.

A spicy sauce with a subtle kick of ginger.

In 1857 a meteorite struck on the outskirts of a small town called Kaba. This product reminds us of this historic event, with the date on the label.

Its flavor, smells dominant and pleasant. If you taste it, you become a prisoner immediately.

One of our best-searched products is one of our mid-range spicy sauces.

You can try it with mayonnaise or sour cream and get a delicious diping sauce. You can use it for fried potatoes, chips, salads, pizza or even sandwiches.

Manufactured with hand made carefully selected chili peppers. During the cultivation and processing we put great emphasis on quality and food safety. It is important for us to provide our customers with the same permanent taste and quality from glass to glass. That's why we're working on an exact formula.

Ingredients: chili (Habanero, Yamaciai Red, Jalapeno, cherry tomatoes, salt, spices, Na-benzonate

It does not contain flavor enhancers, diluents, colorants.

Storage: dry in cool place, after opening in a refrigerator.

Shake before use!

About the raw material:

Habanero is well-lit in warm areas and where the soil is slightly acidic. Daily irrigated Habanero results in slow growth, but with the same amount of crops with fewer capsaicin concentrations than plants that are irrigated only on weekdays. Too wet soil results in bitter-flavored paprika. Habanero is a perennial plant, which means that with proper care it blooms for many years and produces peppers. In the temperate climate, however, it dies every winter. It is growing in tropical and subtropical regions all year round.

The Yamaciai Red has a distinctive fruity flavor and a great deep flavor of sauce widely used in the Caribbean for making sauces.

Jalapeno is the perfect choice for those who want a 'little kick' but do not want to taste their taste buds. Jalapeno is one of the finest culinary peppers that goes for Mexican dishes, Thai recipes, Spanish gastronomy and much more. In fact, 'sava-bag' of food.

Where is the name?

His name was derived from the famous Kabai meteorite, the news of which crossed the earth. On April 15, 1857, a local farmer found the Kabai meteorite on his land.

From Debrecen point of view, the most significant is the Kabai meteorite guarded by the Reformed College, which on 15 April 1857 found a local farmer to his land. Gábor Szilágyi witnessed the special light phenomenon the night before, but he did not deal with it until his horse had fallen into the middle of the road. With the help of the locals, they dumped and chopped pieces to see if there was gold, but as it did not seem worthwhile, they offered the Reformed College of Debrecen in the middle of the settlement leaders.

One of the specialties of the Kabai Meteorite is that within a few weeks they have come to the hands of specialists, and it has not been damaged even more so in the past. In addition, the Kabayans also handed broken pieces to the Reformed College's scientists who sent them across Europe. From Calcutta to Washington, there are parts of the world, including British Museum in London, who have sent large amounts of meteorite in exchange for a special piece of stone.

In addition to the circumstances of the find, the Kabai specimen is very valuable due to the composition of the meteorite.

This is a stone meteorite, which usually dies very quickly on the surface of our planet, because of external forces (eg precipitation, freezing, etc.) that quickly disintegrates and decomposes. This variety - unlike the Iron Meteorite that can be searched with a metal detector - must see where it falls, as it can no longer be distinguished from other stones on earth. Kabai meteorite contains coal and condoms, that is, small silica spheres. The solar system was created at about 4.5 billion years ago and has hardly changed its composition so it has extremely important information about the solar system's emergence. Some of the crystals of the meteorite were assembled when the sun was born, and only the primordial dust and scum - scattered around it.

The meteorite was analyzed, among others, by the staff of the Environmental Analysis Laboratory of Ede Atomki Hertelendi in Debrecen, and the Department of Natural Geography and Geoinformatics of the University joined the research.

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